Monday, May 19, 2014

Concepts and wordlbuilding with John Kenn Mortensen.

John Kenn Mortensen is an old student form The Animation workshop and is now a well known Danish illustrator and cartoonist.

WHat a lot of people know him for is his "post it monsters" creating an absurd and dark world full of cute kids and monsters..

Unfortunate I could only be a part of this class the last two days and didn't have time to do more than one of the assignments.

The concept was to "Steal" a High concept, made from one of the other students - by stealing it means take a part of this high concept idea and create something new - it could be the story, a character, a detail or a design - from this High concept we should create a low concept idea (for a comic) and pitch it the following day.

I stole my high concept from my Student friend Jam - making a story about a magic world where wizards creates a magic drug. This drug accidently ends up in the hands of a human - and they turn crazy and gets the powers of a wizard.

This is some character concepts for a minor school assignment -
"Low" concept is more character based than High concept.

This is my character Draskó
- A Human in space - living “in the past”. For the fun of it - He likes to transport himself around in his wooden boat or and renewed bike, even though he has to use more powers.
He dresses very colorfully and mixes different kind of old, native uniforms.
He works as a professor and teaches both humans and aliens about the plants and flowers from earth.
Even thought he already turned 60 - every female student has a crush on him.
He is bright and sharp - calm and serious - spiritual and peaceful - He would never use violence in any form. Still he has no real family and never opens up to any one.

This is the space girl/alien girl - Niin - She is the main character and the up server. She wants to escape but has a passion and a need of knowing everything around her - SHe hates secrets. But she can be pretty naïve. He parents are in the alien Force and they have let her down, by overprotecting her and lying to her. By underestimating her, they end up not noticing her getting out In trouble.

The Plant House
Some students - the students making the secret and illegal drug
Some old objects Drasko Loves to use.,

Illustrations by Clara Jetsmark

For a while I have mainly updated most of my personal work on my tumblr account:

But I thought I could upload some of them in here as well.
All drawing Is made by Clara Jetsmark - student at the The Animation Workshop, Graphic Storytelling.

My easter holiday in Israel by Clara Jetsmark

Even thought I'm off school - I still like to do some small drawings.
I was visiting Jerusalem and drew some life drawings (mainly in the airport, because people are sitting so perfectly there)

These I made when I came home on my photoshop mashine.. :)

one page comic for Zine " Netsværmer" by Clara Jetsmark

I'm a part of group of young women  - all creating art in some sense.
The group is called " Netsværmer"
In connection with the creation of this group and a way to get to know each other, we created a zine with the theme " Netværk" ( Network) - because the group is thought of as a "creative network of women"

Here is a link to our group.

And here is the one page I did.

Documentary comics with Kai Pfeiffer

In the week of documentary comics we  teacher Kai Pfeiffer from Berlin.

He is an interesting comic artist with a background education from the art academy. You can check out his work here:
In the week with Kai we were challenge with the social borders of interviewing a stranger on the street and with very less material try to create a one page comic.

This is a drawing I did of Kai :D

On my way I met "Bjarne" - and I had a little chat with him. Unfortunately it's in Danish, because he was speaking Danish, but then you can enjoy the cute artwork.
Another small assignment was to make the layout for a comic page based on the text from another class mate. We had one hour.
After trying out and panicking by the fact you just spoke with a random person on the street (I actually enjoyed it - Bjarne was a good fellow)
We had to eather pick a person or a place, to follow or observe one whole day. This day would be for collecting moments, drawings, dialogue, situations, atmosphere of the place or the character we choose. A whole day of just observing ( hoping something interesting would come up)
In the end I chose to sit in a fancy hair dresser salon in the city center. A cozy little spot. They had a lot of great costumers and there was a lot of small funny moments I could have used, but in the end I chose the most sad/serious story of all of them. This is my 4 page comic and also some illustrations I did (based on life drawings I did that day)
How can I help you?


comics and illustrations made by Clara Jetsmark